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Services : workshops and courses

To get to know everything about mandalas and intuitive drawing!

Because a mandala is much more than a drawing to color!
Sioui Art Thérapie’s mission is to guide in the development of well-being, self-knowledge and self-confidence through creativity, particularly through the mandala. This precious tool helps create a harmonious inner balance.

For this creative meditation adventure, we offer you tools that will accompany you in the process of discovery, creation and interpretation of mandalas (and your innerself). Thanks to our online courses and our in-person workshops, including personalized follow-up, you will enter the world of the mandala... and never want to leave!

Let us become your creative coach!

In person workshops (English, français, español)

Quality of teaching assured, relaxation guaranteed!

Our workshops creating mandalas in private or in small groups are offered by an experienced teacher, with the possibility of three languages.

They allow you to immerse yourself in a peaceful world where you can let yourself go, put your inner judge aside and appreciate the present moment to enter into creative meditation. Read the testimonials section of our site to see the benefits.

Two formulas: intensive or in-depth.

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Online courses

So that mandalas reveal their many secrets to you: from definition to elaboration, including interpretation, practical exercises,  personalized coaching and more!

Read participant testimonials!

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