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About us

Back to the origins

Kwe (greetings in Wendat), dear curious about the web (spiderweb, Internet or blank canvas waiting for the stroke of a brush)!
Sioui Art Thérapie is first and foremost Marjolaine Sioui, who taught primary school, rediscovering the pleasures of art with her students, and the magic benefits of the mandala to manage stress, among others. Then came years in Peru, in contact with Andean nature and wonderful mentors, where she learned to find herself through painting, meditation, drawing and coloring mandalas. And since her return to Quebec, she wants to share the wonders of the world of mandala and intuitive drawing, so that as many people as possible can start creating, expressing themselves, recognizing and redefining themselves in their space of inner calm. 

Tiawenhk (thank you) and we look forward to meeting you in our classes or in your works!

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-23 at

Quelques-unes de mes oeuvres

Voici quelques mandalas qui représentent bien qui je suis ainsi que mon parcours.

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